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Revitalising National Immunisation services with routine and supplementary vaccination campaigns

07 October 2015

this child missed some of the routine vaccines. she  was traced by a team of vaccinators by assessing her vaccination card and given the missed vaccines In Sierra Leone, the Ebola outbreak has affected all aspects of health care. Exact numbers are yet to be confirmed but it is clear that many children have missed out on routine vaccination services during the outbreak. To counter this, mass immunization campaigns are being held nationwide An estimated 1.4 million children younger than five years old were targeted with tri-valent oral polio vaccine (tOPV) during a countrywide 4-days supplementary immunization campaign from 2 – 5 October. Over 7,000 teams…


Rapid response to new Ebola infection in Bombali, Sierra Leone

16 September 2015

Ebola contact tracing team at work in the quarantined village, Bombali district, Sierra Leone.  WHO is helping Sierra Leone to mobilize all its experience and partners to ensure that any new cases of Ebola are investigated and transmission of the disease stopped as rapidly as possible. Sad news that a 16-year old girl had died from Ebola in Bombali district, a part of the country that had a large outbreak 6 months ago, sparked an immediate inter-agency rapid response. Partners sent people with the skills and equipment needed to stop further infection in Bombali.…


WHO Sierra Leone Weekly Partners' Brief, 8 September 2015

08 September 2015

Presentation of cases by district Epidemiological data There was one[1] positive Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) case reported in Sierra Leone’s Kambia district during Epi-week 36 same as reported in epi-week 35. The case from Sella Kafta village is a close family member who was on a contact list linked to the index case that was swab positive during Epi-week 35. During the same reporting period, there was only 1 transmission chain nationwide. All other districts continued to report zero cases during Epi-week 36. During the…


Guinea Ring Vaccination trial extended to Sierra Leone to vaccinate contacts of new Ebola case

31 August 2015

WHO team organizing intensive response to the new Ebola case reported in Kambia.jpg Freetown, Sierra Leone – 31 August 2015: Detection of a new case of Ebola virus disease in Kambia, Sierra Leone after the country had marked almost three weeks of zero cases has set in motion the first ‘ring vaccination’ use of the experimental Ebola vaccine in Sierra Leone. A team of experts in ring vaccination has travelled from Conakry, Guinea to join a large WHO and Ministry of Health team already in the district where the new case has been…


Last Ebola case in Sierra Leone

25 August 2015

Adama Sankou, an Ebola survivor, was released from the Makheni Ebola treatment unit on 24 August 2015, Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone celebrated an important milestone on Monday, 24 August 2015. For the first time in more than a year, there are no people being treated for Ebola virus disease and no confirmed cases of Ebola in the country.


Exploring fear to regain trust: Getting children to health care in Sierra Leone

24 August 2015

Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone: WHO staff talking to mothers in Sierra Leone on getting children to health care. Intense surveillance in Kambia, Sierra Leone, has revealed around 75% of deaths have been occurring in children under 5. Even though Ebola transmission was halted in Kambia last month, mothers still are afraid of Ebola and don’t take their young children to health centres. WHO epidemiologists are countering misperceptions to get mothers and their children back to the health centres and lower childhood mortality rates.


Statement from the United Nations Country Team in Sierra Leone over the rape and murder of a young woman at Lumley Beach, Freetown

19 August 2015

Freetown, 19 August 2015 - The UN Country Team (UNCT) in Sierra Leone is shocked by the report that an 18-year-old girl, Hannah Bockarie, was brutally raped and murdered on 13 August 2015 at Lumley Beach, Freetown.  The UNCT condemns this horrendous act in the strongest terms and it calls on the Sierra Leone Government to conduct a prompt, thorough and independent investigation into the girl’s death and to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice.


Sierra Leone down to the last chain of Ebola virus transmission

17 August 2015

Sierra Leone down to the last chain of Ebola virus transmission Freetown, Sierra Leone – 17 August 2015: Use of rapid response teams and strong community involvement in finding Ebola virus disease cases and contacts is yielding results in Sierra Leone. An epidemiological week has now passed with no new Ebola cases for the first time since the beginning of the outbreak.

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