Sierra Leone Press Material

Polio campaigns launch to protect 1.5 million children in Sierra Leone

24 February 2017

Parents bring their children to get the polio vaccine On Friday 24th February, Sierra Leone launched its first National Immunisation Days for 2017, which aim to protect all children less than 5 years of age against polio. Routine vaccinations will also be done for children aged 0-23 months.


Ebola persistence study site handed over to Lungi Hospital

13 January 2017

Representatives from the Government of Sierra Leone, WHO, SLAES, partners and the hospital attended the ceremony at Lungi FREETOWN, 13 January 2017 --- One of the two sites used in the second phase of the Sierra Leone Ebola Virus Persistence Study was handed over to the Lungi Government Hospital on Thursday 12 January after the closure of the study.  The facility and equipment which included three large tents, office materials, hygiene materials and other supplies will be repurposed for antenatal care and services for people living with HIV/AIDS.


Thousands reached through community health engagement in Sierra Leone

12 January 2017

Mothers Groups Have Been Trained as Peer Educators on Nutrition New data released today by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and WHO shows that community engagement efforts reached more than 20,950 households over seven months in 2016, approximately 117,000* people,  through community meetings, events, door to door visits and vibrant peer support groups.


Reaching communities with lifesaving vaccines

20 December 2016

Photo credit: WHO/S.Beckley-Lines Sierra Leone has just recently wrapped up its final Maternal and Child Health Week campaign for 2016, known locally as 'Mami en Pekin Welbodi Week', which targeted 95 percent children under five with lifesaving vaccines. Earlier campaign rounds achieved up to 97 percent coverage to protect children against polio, measles and other major childhood diseases. 


Malaria control vastly improves in Sierra Leone, but collective action needed to ‘tap’ the disease

13 December 2016

World Malaria Report 2016 FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE, 13 December 2016 - The World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Malaria Report 2016 reveals that Sierra Leone has one of the world’s highest burdens of malaria cases, but has experienced significant progress in reducing malaria deaths and transmission.


Tackling malaria in Sierra Leone

13 December 2016

Tackling malaria in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone has one of the highest burdens of malaria in the world. The country's entire population of 6 453 180 people is at risk of the disease and it is one of Sierra Leone’s leading causes of death and illness. Our photo essay explores progress in reducing malaria cases and impacts in the West African country.


Increasing safety for patients and health workers through effective IPC

03 November 2016

A nurse practicing infection prevention after caring for a patient The Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone highlighted the critical importance of strengthening Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) in the healthcare setting, which is now a major focus for government, partners and health workers as they work to prevent infections in health facilities and labs.


Empowering mothers' support groups to reduce child malnutrition in Sierra Leone

09 September 2016

A child being screened using the height for age measuring tool Malnutrition is a serious health burden among children in Sierra Leone and it accounts for more than a third of child mortality. Mothers' Support Groups are being established in communities to raise awareness about nutrition issues and support timely referrals for mothers and children in need.