Sierra Leone Press Material

Transforming disease surveillance through an electronic reporting platform in Sierra Leone

11 May 2017

Improving disease surveillance from paper-based to electronic system The Ministry of Health and Sanitation is in the process of migrating disease surveillance reporting from a cumbersome paper-based system to a web-based electronic platform (e-IDSR) for real-time information flows. The process is part of the revitalisation of disease surveillance and response in Sierra Leone supported by WHO in partnership with the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and e-Health Africa.


Training and Managing the Health Workers of Tomorrow

04 May 2017

Health workers are the backbone of the health system Today the Government of Sierra Leone and its partners launched a new five-year Strategy for Human Resources for Health (2017-2021). By guiding investments in the health workforce, the Strategy will support the country to improve the quality of health services and ensure it is better placed to respond to current and emerging health needs. 


Statement on the Monkeypox Case in Pujehun District, Sierra Leone

28 April 2017

Statement on the Monkeypox Case in Pujehun District, Sierra Leone An isolated case of monkeypox has been confirmed in Pujehun district, Sierra Leone. This is the third known occurrence of monkeypox in the country, with the first reported case in 1970 and the second in 2014. 


Scaling up malaria prevention in Sierra Leone

24 April 2017

A mother and child seated on a bed with an insecticide treated bed net Preparations are currently underway for a vast bed net distribution campaign in Sierra Leone. Planned for June this year, the campaign aims to distribute 4.2 million insecticide-treated bed nets to households nationwide to help protect them against malaria, which remains one of the country’s leading causes of death and illness.


Tackling mental illness after Ebola

11 April 2017

Various awareness raising activities took place across Sierra Leone on depression throughout April 2017 Following the Ebola crisis, a decade-long Civil War and with significant poverty, depression is estimated to be very common in Sierra Leone, affecting at least three percent of the population in any single year. Mental health practitioners also report that anxiety, psychosis and substance abuse are significant public health concerns. 


Using SMS technologies to enhance polio surveillance

10 April 2017

A community member putting the new technology into use to report suspected AFP cases in her locality A new SMS-based reporting system has been introduced in Sierra Leone to improve identification, detection and reporting of suspected acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) cases in children less than 15 years, with the initial training of 520 health workers and community informants.


Talking about depression in Sierra Leone

07 April 2017

Talking about depression in Sierra Leone FREETOWN, April 7th 2017 --- On World Health Day, the Government of Sierra Leone, the World Health Organization, the Mental Health Coalition and partners are calling for urgent action on depression in Sierra Leone, which affects at least 240,000 people in the country every year. Stigma and lack of accurate information on mental health issues are critical impediments to treatment and recovery, health experts say.


Partners rally to end tuberculosis in Sierra Leone

24 March 2017

Partners rally to end tuberculosis in Sierra Leone FREETOWN, March 24th --- On World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, the Government of Sierra Leone together with the World Health Organization and CISMAT called for united action to end TB in Sierra Leone, which is one of 30 countries globally with a severe burden of the disease.