Nigeria Launches the Malaria and Lymphatic Filariasis Co-implementation Guidelines

The Federal Ministry of Health in the presence of WHO Country representative and other key partners, launched today (18th February, 2014) the Malaria and Lymphatic filariasis co-implementation guideline.

The document provides a broad guideline for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the co-implementation of Malaria and Lymphatic Filariasis programmes at the National, state and local government levels. The guideline seeks to harmonize key vector control strategies for both programmes to produce synergistic effect in a cost effective manner.

Key strategies for co-implementation include use of Community Directed Distributors for the Mass Drug Administration (MDA) and LLIN distribution. Others include the use of Community Resource Persons (CORPs) for home management and case reporting as well as harmonization of training for the co-implementation interventions.