Health Systems Strengthening Cluster


The Health Systems Strengthening Cluster includes:

Support is provided for the strengthening of the Ministry of Health capacities to optimize development and utilization of its human resources for health.

WHO/Mozambique has also the responsibility to collaborate with the Ministry of Health in the generation and use of appropriate health information to support decision making, health care delivery and management of health services, at all levels.

Increasing access to essential drugs, monitoring the emergence of anti-infective drug resistance, and creating a safer environment for drug prescription, distribution, and consumption as well as the development of national drug policies within the framework of national health policies, constitute the main aims of the support provided by WHO/Mozambique within the area of essential drugs.

Within the concept that health is the driver of poverty reduction, investing in health is central to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). To help the country to achieve the MDGs, this program encourages and helps the preparation of long term multi-sectoral investment plans, securing financing for its implementation, and the coordination of health interventions' scaling up, on the basis of health priorities, within a sound macroeconomics framework.