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Latest news from the WHO African Region:

  • From refusal to promotion: Religious leaders in Lunda Norte, Angola agree to advocate for yellow fever vaccination The district health authorities, WHO and the Red Cross on 19 June 2016, met with leaders of one religious group based in Estufa neighbourhood, Chitato district, Lunda North province to explain the importance of yellow fever vaccination in protecting members of their communities from the disease.
  • Launch of emergency vaccination campaigns on the DR Congo and Angola border Brazzaville, 22 June 2016 – As the yellow fever outbreak in Angola and Democratic Republic of the Congo continues, the World Health Organization will launch emergency pre-emptive vaccination campaigns on the DR Congo, Angola border and the city of Kinshasa in the DR Congo to halt the epidemic and prevent the risk of further international spread.
  • ​Lower doses of yellow fever vaccine could be used in emergencies The yellow fever vaccine given as one fifth of the regular dose could be used to control an outbreak in case of vaccine shortages. Experts agreed with this proposal at a meeting convened by WHO to consider potential shortages in yellow fever vaccine due to the outbreak in Angola and Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Yellow fever global vaccine stockpile in emergencies When a major outbreak of yellow fever hits, countries need to access vaccine supplies urgently for rapid vaccination campaigns to control spread of the disease.Urban yellow fever can spread rapidly in densely populated cities, causing thousands of deaths and very serious humanitarian consequences. Vaccination is the most important measure for preventing the disease.
  • WHO African Region Programme Subcommittee meeting begins in Brazzaville, Congo Brazzaville, 13 June 2016 – The meeting of the Programme Sub-Committee (PSC) of the Regional Committee for the World Health Organization (WHO) in the African Region began today in Brazzaville, Congo. The PSC prepares and reviews documentation for presentation to the Regional Committee which meets annually to deliberate and pass resolutions on priority health issues in the Region.