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Welcome to the Media Centre, an online resource designed to give members of the print, electronic and online media -- and others seeking information about WHO -- the latest news and information on the activities and priority programmes of the WHO Regional Office for Africa.

Latest news from the WHO African Region:

  • Improved data reveals higher global burden of tuberculosis 22 October 2014 -- Recent intensive efforts to improve collection and reporting of data are shedding new light on the epidemic, revealing almost half a million more cases than previously estimated. WHO’s “Global Tuberculosis Report 2014” shows that 9 million people developed TB in 2013, and 1.5 million died, including 360 000 people who were HIV positive. However, the mortality rate from TB is still falling and the number of people developing the disease is declining by an average 1.5%…
  • WHO Declares Nigeria Ebola-Free Abuja  - The World Health Organization, today, 20th October, 2014 officially declared Nigeria Ebola-Free, having passed the mandatory period with no new cases;  42 days after  the  last confirmed case of the virus was discharged from the hospital, giving sufficient confidence to declare the outbreak over.
  • Working with communities is the key to stopping Ebola When Dr Peter Clements arrived in Lofa County, Liberia eight weeks ago, from the WHO country office in Monrovia, 20-30 patients were arriving at the MSF hospital with Ebola-like symptoms every day. People living in the community were afraid, civil unrest was simmering, and an ambulance and health workers were being targeted. read the full story
  • Under construction: another 200 beds for Ebola patients in Liberia Around 150 local construction workers have been working 3 shifts a day to build an Ebola treatment centre at the former Ministry of Defence compound on the outskirts of Monrovia. The 6 large tents, that can house 50 patients each, are now in place and the centre is set to open at the end of October. This will add at least 200 additional beds for Ebola patients in Liberia.
  • Faces of the Ebola response This photo gallery tells the stories of people contributing to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Our highest gratitude for their hard work and dedication. veiw the photo gallery