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  • Smoking Cessation Programmes in Mauritius help tobacco users kick the habit Tobacco products are one of the biggest public health threats and nearly 80% of consumers live in low- and middle-income countries. Tobacco use is estimated to be responsible for 10% of adult deaths worldwide and 3% in the African Region.
  • Mauritius Call for Action adopted Port-Louis, 14 November 2009 -- The International Conference on Diabetes and Associated Diseases has ended today with the unanimous adoption of the Mauritius Call for Action which aims at identifying key strategies and commitments urgently required for planning and implementing national diabetes and non-communicable diseases prevention and control programs. More than 300 delegates from over 50 countries expressed concern about the scale of the diabetes epidemic and its impact on socio-economic development particularly in the African region. They proclaimed their…
  • The Challenge of Diabetes by 2030 Port-Louis, 13 November 2009 -- The figures are alarming. Nevertheless they are real. By 2010, more than 285 millions people worldwide will live with diabetes of which 4 million will die. The number of cases could rise up to 438 millions by 2030. These statistics are published in the World Diabetes Atlas 2009 presented by David Whiting, epidemiologist, at the International Conference on Diabetes and Associated Diseases held in Port-Louis (Mauritius).
  • The International Conference on Diabetes opens with urgent calls for action Port Louis, 12 November 2009 -- The International Conference on Diabetes and Associated Diseases opened today in Mauritius with calls for action to address diabetes which is already having a tremendous impact on the life and health of millions of individuals, families and communities in many parts of the world. Addressing delegates at the conference, His Excellency Dr The Honourable Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Prime Minister of Mauritius said that diabetes is an epidemic that is exploding across the world. He pointed…