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9789241509442 engAchieving the malaria MDG target: reversing the incidence of malaria 2000–2015

This report summarizes the remarkable progress seen, on a global and regional level, in reversing malaria mortality and incidence since 2000


9789241549127-coverThe updated guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations on the diagnosis and treatment of uncomplicated and severe malaria, and on the use of medicines to prevent malaria in high-risk groups.

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Recommendations on the use of Sulfadoxine- Pyrimethamine (SP) for Intermittent Preventive Treatment during Pregnancy (IPT) in areas of moderate to high resistance to SP in the African Region
Pregnant women are one of the most vulnerable groups to malaria. In the malaria endemic areas of the African region, each year around 25 million of pregnant women are at risk of Plasmodium falciparum infection during their pregnancy.
Children aged under five years and pregnant women are the people most vulnerable to dying of malaria or suffering serious consequences of the disease, especially in regions where transmission is intense. Many studies have shown that sleeping under insecticide-treated mosquito nets reduces their risk dramatically.

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Half of the world's population is at risk of malaria, and an estimated 247 million cases led to nearly 881 000 deaths in 2006. The advent of long-lasting insecticidal nets and artemisinin-based combination therapy, plus a revival of support for indoor residual spraying of insecticide, presents a new opportunity for large-scale malaria control. The World Malaria Report 2008 describes the global distribution of cases and deaths, how WHO-recommended control strategies have been adopted and implemented in endemic countries, sources of funding for malaria control, and recent evidence that prevention and treatment can alleviate the burden of disease.


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