Kenya WHO Country Office


  • Kenya Sustains Polio Eradication Efforts as Year Ends Kenya’s effort to eradicate polio will this week be further boosted by a national campaign scheduled for December 5-9. The campaign, targeting 8.7 Million children under 5, will be held nationwide to ensure the immunity of children against polio is sustained and the message for immunization reinforced. Kenya has sustained a high level of response to the polio outbreak since 2013 through house-to-house vaccination campaigns, surveillance and strengthening of routine immunization. The last case of onset of paralysis was in…
  • Finding Every Last Poliovirus Surveillance Officers like Amina Ismail in Kenya spend their days chasing the poliovirus to its final hiding places, so that it can be stopped forever. Eradicating polio from the world forever will be one of the biggest public health achievements of our time. Surveillance Officers like Amina Ismail, working for the World Health Organization, know that it is not just vaccinating every last child but being able to trace every last virus that will take us over the finishing line…
  • Kenya launches Polio Round Two in Migori County The launch for the Polio Second Round campaign in Kenya kicked off this weekend with a passionate appeal to parents and care-givers to open their doors for Polio teams so children could be vaccinated.
  • HOA-TAG calls for improved Polio Surveillance and Routine Immunization The 13th Horn of Africa Technical Advisory Group meeting on polio has ended with a call for the affected countries to close gaps in surveillance sensitivity in high risk areas, improvement of routine immunization, population immunity and end to continued undetected low level polio transmission.
  • Urgent Resolve to end Cholera Outbreak in Kenya 23 May 2015, Nairobi, Kenya - Health experts, leaders and county managers have this week, called for a concerted effort to end the cholera outbreak at once and save the lives of Kenyans. A stakeholders meeting called by the national government to evaluate and find solutions to the cholera outbreak in the country noted the disease had affected 11 counties, led to loss of life and needed quick action to arrest the outbreak.