This month's events

10-24 August 2015: Workshop and hands-on training on water treatment technology options efficacy performance evaluation to build capacity on advanced water quality testing. Addis Ababa
Contact: Waltaji Terfa; email:

11-13 August 2015: Training workshop on SSFFC medical products for 15 Anglophone African countries. Addis Ababa
Contact: Abraham Gebregiorgis; email:

17-21 August 2015: Global H4+ team visits Ethiopia for review meetings on the H4+/SIDA collaboration with Global H4+ team and H4+ country team, FMoH, SIDA, and other partners.
Contact: Dr Azmach Gebregiorgis; email:

24-26 August 2015: Training on Guinea Work Eradication Program SOPs and visceral leishmaniasis case management to ARRA, NGOs and Gambella Hospital health workers supporting refugee camps. Gambella
Contact: Dr Abate Mulugeta; email: