Health Sector Reforms


The focus is on:

  • Guidance on approaches to expand coverage of Essential Health Services through a package of quality health services to improve access, and reduce morbidity and mortality rates especially among women and children.
  • Advocacy for provision of higher quality of basic health services and increased focus on serving the disadvantaged areas and the vulnerable groups.
  • Promotion of full community participation in health services delivery through their involvement in the planning, operation and control of formal health services delivery.
  • Promoting the contracting of health services to take advantage of private sector resources in the expanding availability and access to quality health services.

The Regional Office has developed a guideline on Monitoring and Evaluation of Health sector Reforms. The purpose of this guideline is to therefore provide planners and policymakers in the African region with guidance on monitoring and evaluating the process and progress of health sector reforms within and across countries on a regular basis. The latest countries that received support from AFRO for their health sector reforms are DRC and Kenya.