Publications - Essential Medicines


survey-quality-malariaSurvey of the quality of selected antimalarial medicines circulating in six countries of sub-Saharan Africa



One-third of antimalarial medicines tested in six African countries fail to meet international quality standards

Guidelines for the Prevention and Clinical Management of Snakebite in Africa

iconHealth insurance systems in five Sub-Saharan African countries: Medicine benefits and data for decision making [163kB]

icon Regional Workshop on Improving Procurement & Supply Management Systems in the African Region [447.19 kB]

icon Assessment of medicines regulatory systems in sub-Saharan African countries [1.21 MB]
An overview of findings from 26 assessment reports

icon Good Governance for Medicines Programme: Implementation in the WHO African Region and Beyond [243.01 kB]

icon Being sick and needing medicines is a costly misfortune in many countries [356.11 kB]
A one day snapshot of a medicine’s price across 93 countries including 22 countries in WHO/AFRO

icon Training manual on management of Drugs at Health Centre levels [513.63 kB]

icon What essential medicines for children are on the shelf? [231.86 kB]

icon AFRO Essential Medicines Price Indicator [531.54 kB]

Traditional Medicine


icon Guidelines for registration of traditional medicines in the WHO African Region (868.53 kB)



icon Tools for Institutionalizing Traditional Medicine in Health Systems in the WHO African Region (2.09 MB)
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icon Regional strategy on promoting the Role of Traditional Medicine in Health Systems [2.08 MB]

icon African Health Monitor Traditional Medicine, Our Culture Our Future [1.36 MB]

icon Africa Health Monitor: African Traditional Medicine Day, 31 August 2010 [pdf 6.87Mb]