Publications - Essential Medicines


Survey of the quality of selected antimalarial medicines circulating in six countries of sub-Saharan Africa

One-third of antimalarial medicines tested in six African countries fail to meet international quality standards
Information Note: 25 February 2011

Guidelines for the Prevention and Clinical Management of Snakebite in Africa

iconHealth insurance systems in five Sub-Saharan African countries: Medicine benefits and data for decision making [163kB]

icon Regional Workshop on Improving Procurement & Supply Management Systems in the African Region [447.19 kB]

icon Assessment of medicines regulatory systems in sub-Saharan African countries [1.21 MB]
assessment26african_countriesAn overview of findings from 26 assessment reports






icon Pharmaceuticals Newsletter Volume 6, Number 1, October 2009 [243.01 kB]
Good Governance for Medicines Programme: Implementation in the WHO African Region and Beyond

icon Being sick and needing medicines is a costly misfortune in many countries [356.11 kB]
A one day snapshot of a medicine’s price across 93 countries including 22 countries in WHO/AFRO

icon Training manual on management of Drugs at Health Centre levels [513.63 kB]

icon What essential medicines for children are on the shelf? [231.86 kB]

icon AFRO Essential Medicines Price Indicator 2007 [531.54 kB]

icon First African Medicines Regulatory Authorities Conference - Final Report [741.73 kB] edm-first_african_medicines_regulatory_authorities_25-3-10_en
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 31 October – 3 November 2005






Drug/ Medicines Registration Harmonisation

icon African Medicines Registration Harmonisation (AMRH): Summary, Status and Future Plans November 2010 [1.7 MB]

icon African Medicines Registration Harmonization (AMRH) Newsletter Issue 2, October 2009 [247.81 kB]

icon Harmonisation de l'Homologation des Médicaments en Afrique (HHMA) Bulletin No 2, Octobre 2009 [453.44 kB]

icon African Medicines Registration Harmonization (AMRH) Newsletter Issue 3, March 2010 [290.74 kB]

icon Harmonisation de l'Homologation des Médicaments en Afrique (HHMA) Bulletin No 3, Avril 2010 [137.68 kB]

icon Drug Registration Harmonisation (DRH) Newsletter Issue 1, May 2009 [218.28 MB]


Traditional Medicine

Guidelines for registration of traditional medicines in the WHO African Region

icon Regional strategy on promoting the Role of Traditional Medicine in Health Systems AFR/RC50/9 [2.08 MB]

icon African Health Monitor Traditional Medicine, Our Culture Our Future [1.36 MB]

icon Africa Health Monitor: African Traditional Medicine Day, 31 August 2010 [pdf 6.87Mb]