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Evaluating health, social and environmental impacts and policy tradeoffs

Project Implementation Report August 2013

mdast-2013The Malaria Decision Analysis Support Tool (MDAST) project sought to improve the protection of human health and the environment by promoting sustainable malaria control strategies that are consistent with the successful implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).

The project was developed in a collaborative manner with various stakeholders involved in malaria control policy making and implementation, and responded to a need for capacity building for improved policy formulation. The aim of MDAST is to promote evidence-based, multi-sectoral malaria control policy-making in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, with the project serving as pilot for other malaria-prone countries. The key project partners were UNEP/GEF, WHO-AFRO, Ministry of Health, Uganda, Ministry of Health, Kenya, National Institute of Medical Research, Tanzania, University of Pretoria, and Duke University.


icon Malaria Vector Control (3.42 MB)
PHE-Malaria-Vector-Control“filling the gap between product development and effective delivery”
icon Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa Plan of Action for the Health Sector 2012-2016 [1.27 MB]
icon Adaptation au Changement Climatique en Afrique: Plan dAction pour le Secteur de la Santé 2012-2016 [1.43 MB]
icon African Ministers of Health and Environment Joint Statement on Climate Change and Health [3.49 MB]
icon Déclaration commune des Ministres africains de la santé et de lenvironnement sur le changement clim [4.33 MB]
icon Declaração conjunta dos Ministros africanos da saúde e do ambiente sobre as alterações climáticas [4.15 MB]
icon Public Health & Environment in the African Region: Report on the Work of WHO (2010-2011) (1.1 MB)
icon Implementation of the Libreville Declaration on Health and Environment in Africa(2.39 MB)
PHE-Luanda-Commitment-enLuanda Commitment
Luanda, 26 November 2010
icon Mise en oeuvre de la Déclaration de Libreville sur la Santé et l'Environnement en Afrique (2.8 MB)
PHE-Engagement-de-Luanda-frEngagement de Luanda
Luanda, le 26 Novembre 2010
icon Implementação da Declaração de Libreville sobre Saúde e Ambiente em África (2.89 MB)
PHE-Luanda-Commitment-ptCompromisso de Luanda
Luanda, 26 de Novembro de 2010
icon The Health and Environment Strategic Alliance for the Implementation of the Libreville Declaration (3.85 MB)
PHE-Health-Environment-Strategic-Alliance-enLuanda, 26 November 2010
icon Alliance Stratégique entre la Santé et l'Environnemnt pour la mise en oeuvre de la Déclaration de Libreville (4.33 MB)
PHE-Health-Environment-Strategic-Alliance-frLuanda, 26 Novembre 2010
icon Aliança Estratégica entre a Saúde e o Ambiente para a Implementação da Declaração de Libreville (4.13 MB)
PHE-Health-Environment-Strategic-Alliance-ptLuanda, 26 de Novembro de 2010
icon Building Momentum for Implementation of the Libreville Declaration on Health and Environment [421.93 kB]
icon Advocating for national action plans for safe management of waste from health care facilities [36.75 kB]
Implementation of the Libreville Declaration on Health and Environment in Africa: Framework for health care waste management
icon Environmental Health Hazard Mapping for Africa [6.32 MB]
icon SANA Guide [661.15 kB]
phe-sana_guideImplementation of the Libreville Declaration on Health and Environment in Africa Country Situation Analysis and needs Assessment for the Preparation of National Plans of Joint Action
February 2010
icon Guidelines for Vector Control Needs Assessment 2003, WHO Regional Office for Africa [169.73 kB]
Health Security through Healthy Environments First Interministerial Conference on Health and Environment in Africa - Libreville, Gabon
Libreville Declaration on Health and Environment in Africa
Libreville, 29 August 2008
icon Namibia:City of Windhoek- Health Profile and Work Plan [1.61 MB]
icon Water Supply & Sanitation Sector Assessment 2000 African Region [1.41 MB]
icon Windhoek Healthy Cities: Capacity building workshop, 26 - 28 September 2006 [1.61 MB]
icon Healthy Cities Initiative in the African Region: Evaluation Manual [204.09 kB]
icon Healthy Cities Initiative: Approaches and Experience in the African Region [532.7 kB]
icon Atlas of insecticide resistance in malaria vectors of the WHO African region [1.6 MB]
icon The work of the African Network on Vector Resistance to insecticides 2000 – 2004 [214.27 kB]
icon The WHO Strategic Plan for Health and Environment in the African Region 2006-2009 [157.59 kB]
icon Report on a Situational Analysis on Social Determinants of Health & Health Inequity in Nakuru, Kenya [11.56 MB]
icon Environmental Health : A Strategy For The African Region [64.56 kB]