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This document highlights the burden of tobacco use, health risks and prevention measures with a view to improving access by young people to accurate information on tobacco. The information presented in this document is useful to young people, parents, educators, and all tobacco control advocates in the African Region in order to prevent young people from starting tobacco use, and to protect them from exposure to second-hand smoke.
This document provides some key measures in the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) and its guidelines that countries should implement for effective tobacco control. It aims to promote tobacco control based on current and relevant evidence. It also features the status of some tobacco control policies in the Region.
This document features key information related to effective ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship as contained in Article 13 of the WHO FCTC and its guidelines; and also progress in implementation from the WHO Reports on the global tobacco epidemic as well as factsheets on the Global Youth Tobacco Survey.
This document provides an overview of the tobacco epidemic in the African Region. Key articles in the WHO FCTC are featured in the document along with a selection of findings from the Global Youth Tobacco Surveys (GYTS), the Global School Personnel Surveys (GSPS) and the Global Health Professions Student Surveys (GHPSS). These surveys were conducted by countries in the African Region since 1999.
Le présent document donne une vue d’ensemble de l’épidémie de tabagisme dans la Région africaine. Les principaux articles de la Convention-cadre de l’OMS sont présentés dans le document, tout comme les principales conclusions des enquêtes mondiales sur le tabagisme chez les jeunes (GYTS), des enquêtes mondiales sur le tabagisme chez le personnel scolaire (GSPS) et des enquêtes mondiales sur le tabagisme chez les étudiants en professions de santé (GHPSS). Ces enquêtes ont été menées par les pays de la Région africaine depuis 1999.
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