The objective of the Food Safety and Nutrition Programme is to ensure food safety and optimal nutrition to contribute to the attainment of the highest possible level of health by all people in the WHO African Region.

The functions of the programme are to:

    • Provide leadership on matters relating to unsafe food and inadequate nutrition as well as multisectoral and intersectoral actions and their coordination
    • Assist governments in strengthening health services related to the programme including foodborne diseases and nutrition surveillance;
    • Provide support in building national capacity to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate evidence-based food policies, strategies, plans and programmes especially for the most vulnerable (infants, young children, mothers and people living with HIV/AIDS) and those affected by emergencies;
    • Support Member States to effectively participate in international standards setting including harmonization of national standards with international standards and regulation;
    • Provide support to countries to shape their research agenda, stimulate the generation of evidence, their publication, dissemination and application in policy-making, programme development and allocation of resources;
    • Assist countries to strengthen information, education and communication (IEC) to improve knowledge and empower individuals as well as communities to make safe, nutritious and healthy food choices.