WHO policies & strategies


Strategic planning is key to responding to the epidemiological burden of sexual and reproductive illnesses. The Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Programme is supporting countries to provide to the people the best reproductive health care by providing them with steady information, supportive environment, policies and strategies.

The support to countries focuses on:

  • Development of SRH policies and strategies
  • Development and/or adaptation of norms, tools and technical guidelines
  • Capacity building for managers and services providers
  • Research and use of research findings into programmatic areas
  • Resource mobilization and partnership

The main priorities of the SRH Programme in the African Region are on the following four areas of work:

  • Sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS
  • Cervical cancer
  • Unsafe abortion, morbidity and mortality
  • Repositioning of family planning.

Further support can be given to countries according to their national and specific needs.