Skilled attendance


Skilled attendance is one of the core components of the Making Pregnancy Safer Programme. Skilled care is defined as quality care to the woman during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period and her infant provided by a skilled personnel supported by an enabling environment (necessary equipment, supplies and medicines and infrastructure) and a functional referral system. At the centre of skilled care is a skilled attendant who is a health professional (Midwife, nurse, doctor etc) educated and trained to proficiency in the skills needed to manage normal pregnancy, childbirth and the immediate post partum and in the identification and management or referral of complications.

Available evidence shows that countries with high levels of deliveries by a skilled attendant have low levels of maternal deaths. In the African Region, a skilled attendant attends only 46,5% of deliveries.

The Regional expected result for MPS programme is give support to countries in ensuring skilled care for every woman through essential interventions such as antenatal care, skilled attendant at delivery, Emergency obstetric care (EmOC) and post-natal care to both mother and newborn in the context of the implementation of the Road Map for accelerated reduction of maternal and newborn mortality.