MPS - Country profiles



icon Benin [356.7 kB]
icon Liberia [311.39 kB]
icon Botswana [223.33 kB]
icon Madagascar [743.85 kB]
icon Burkina Faso [978.79 kB]
icon Malawi [641.42 kB]
icon Burundi [282.39 kB]
icon Mali [438.45 kB]
icon Cameroon [697.53 kB]
icon Mauritania [498.91 kB]
icon Central African Republic [602.4 kB]
icon Mozambique [816.36 kB]
icon Chad [590.24 kB]
icon Namibia [325.56 kB]
icon Comoros [437.45 kB]
icon Niger [558.67 kB]
icon Congo [342.33 kB]
icon Rwanda [856.67 kB]
icon Cote d'Ivoire [360.17 kB]icon Senegal [763.41 kB]
icon Dem. Rep. of Congo [327.38 kB]
icon Sierra Leone [274.17 kB]
icon Eritrea [435.09 kB]icon South Africa [464.66 kB]
icon Ethiopia [653.16 kB]icon Tanzania [1.02 kB]
icon Gabon [474.57 kB]icon Togo [447.12 MB]
icon Ghana [899.42 kB]icon Uganda [661.7 kB]
icon Guinea [721.53 kB]icon Zambia [320.64 kB]
icon Kenya [776.01 kB]icon Zimbabwe [881.58 kB]
icon Lesotho [366.74 kB]

icon Road Map to Accelerate the Reduction of Maternal, Newborn & Child Mortality in Zanzibar 2008 – 2015 [578.39 kB]

icon Roadmap for the Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Cameroon 2006 - 2015 [978.74 kB]

MPS Key Messages


- Every pregnancy should be wanted.
- All pregnant women and their infants should be able to access and receive skilled care.
- All women should be able to reach a functioning health facility to obtain appropriate care for themselves or their newborns when complications arise during pregnancy, delivery or the postpartum period.
- Safe pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood are basic human rights.