Healthy ageing


With people living longer and fewer children being born, then absolute number of older people is increasing. Today, there are 600 million persons aged 60 years and above. This total will double by 2025 and will reach virtually two billion by 2050 when there will be more people aged 60 and over than children under the age of 15. Generally, women live longer than men and women represent the majority of caregivers on the other hand, there is also growing evidence that the health needs of ageing men are often neglected and special outreach programmes for older men are needed.

The African region continues to face the burden of persistent infectious diseases, while the prevalence of risk factors for chronic diseases is also on the increase. Limited number of countries in the African region, including Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon and Zambia have requested WHO to assist in setting up of a programme for the people aged 60 and above. The regional office is considering developing a regional strategy on ageing before assisting countries to develop national programmes on ageing. In this regard, AFRO needs to closely work with the department of ageing in EURO and PAHO.

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