Publications - Tuberculosis


icon Meeting Report “TB Technical Assistance planning including GF in the African Region” 30th November - 2nd December 2011 [3.33 MB]

icon Guidelines for the Programmatic Management of Drug-resistant Tuberculosis [1.34 MB]

icon Global Tuberculosis Control 2009 - Epidemiology Strategy Financing [6.95 MB]

icon The Millennium Development Goals for Health Rising to the Challenges [3.2 MB]

icon Annual Tuberculosis Surveillance Report WHO African Region, 2007 [1.57 MB]

icon World TB Day 2005 [757.73 kB]
Newsletter of the TB Unit, WHO Regional Office for Africa
Volume 1, Issue 1

icon Tuberculosis Infection-Control in the Era of Expanding HIV Care and Treatment [2.72 MB]

icon The Global Plan to stop TB 2006-2015 [7.03 MB]

icon TB/HIV Control Strategy For The African Region [330.88 kB]

icon Strategic Plan For Tb Control For The African Region: 2006 - 2010 [1.07 MB]

icon The Stop TB Strategy. Building on and enhancing DOTS to meet the TB-related Development Goals [292.83 kB]

icon Report of the meeting of the WHO Global Task Force on XDR-TB [644.69 kB]

icon Report of a "Lessons Learnt" Workshop on the 6 Protest Pilot Projects [174.33 kB]
Report of a "Lessons Learnt" Workshop on the Six Protest Pilot Projects in Malawi, South Africa and Zambia

icon Guidelines for Implementing Community TB Care Programmes [1.27 MB]

icon Guidelines for HIV Surveillance Among Tuberculosis Patients [364.86 kB]

icon DOTS in the African Region [344.27 kB]

icon Community TB care in Africa [144.11 kB]

icon Tuberculosis Epidemiological Surveillance Report - AFRO 2003 [1.92 MB]