Cancer prevention and control


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Cervical cancer

The regional burden of cancer continues to grow; tackling it constitutes one of the major challenges in our Region.

The most common cancers in the African Region are cancers of the cervix, breast, liver and prostate as well as Kaposi's sarcoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

AFRO Member States adopted a Regional strategy in which priority interventions include

  • development of policies
  • legislation and regulations
  • mobilization and allocation of adequate resources
  • partnerships and coordination; training of health personnel
  • acquisition of adequate infrastructure and equipment for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention
  • strategic information, surveillance and research.

These interventions, with primary and secondary prevention as top priorities, and availability, affordability and accessibility of drugs for cancer treatment should be implemented and scaled up in countries.


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Focal person for Cancer and Chronic Respiratory Diseases
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