Regional Stakeholders’ Consultative Meeting on Neglected Tropical Diseases 2012


ntd-ghana-meetingThe Regional Stakeholders' Consultative Meeting on Neglected Tropical Diseases will be held at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana from 25 to 27 June 2012 with the theme, 'Working Better Together for Greater Impact on NTDs'.

An annual event organised by the WHO/AFRO NTD programme, the stakeholders' meeting brings together national managers, health development partners, researchers amongst others. This year, the stakeholders' consultative meeting will discuss the regional strategy and road map for speeding up the control and elimination of NTDs in the African Region. In addition, integrated NTD Master plans and resource requirements will be reviewed. As technical coordination mechanisms for NTD programmes, the regional NTD Technical Advisory Groups will be inaugurated. This event will be the highpoint of the stakeholders' meeting.

The Regional Stakeholders meeting will be followed by the annual NTD National Programme Managers' meeting on Preventive Chemotherapy which will be held at the same venue from 28 to 30 June.


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Meeting bulletins

Special Edition

icon Bulletin Special Edition - English (691.32 kB)  | icon Bulletin Special Edition - Français (703.75 kB)

Bulletin contents:

  • Closing words from partners

Day 3 - 27 June 2012

icon Bulletin 3 - English (594.93 kB)  | icon Bulletin 3 - Français (601.84 kB)

Bulletin contents:

  • Partners statements
  • Panel discussion on Roadmap
  • Country experience in NTD control

Day 2 - 26 June 2012

Day 1 - 25 June 2012

iconBulletin 1 - English (487.66 kB)  | icon Bulletin 1 - Français (404.95 kB)

Bulletin contents:

  • Provisional Programme: Opening Ceremony
  • Provisional Programme of Work – Day 1
  • Meeting Guide and Important Contacts
  • Provisional Programme of Work - Day 2
  • Control and Elimination of NTDs: Next steps