Community-Based Interventions

Promotion and implementation of Community-Based Interventions (CBIs) in the Malaria Programme is the back born of effective community participation which ensures responsiveness, ownership and sustainability of disease control interventions. CBIs include prevention, case management at home and at community level, community-based surveillance and community-self monitoring of the performance of different disease control interventions. Community members are involved in decision making, planning and programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The CBI unit within the malaria programme is charged with developing guidelines for CBIs, supporting countries to plan, implement and evaluate CBIs programmes including documentation of best-practices.

The main achievements include:

  • The development of technical guidelines for scaling up Community-Based interventions.
  • Supported countries to develop/adapt technical guidelines for the implementation of CBIs at country level.
  • More than 20 countries are implementing CBIs including home management of malaria.
  • Documentation of best practices in the implementation of Community-Based Interventions in Malaria Control in some countries.