World Malaria Report 2011


WMR2011_cover_spotlightThe World Malaria Report 2011 summarizes information received from 106 malaria-endemic countries and a range of other sources. It analyses prevention and control measures according to a comprehensive set of indicators, and highlights continued progress towards global malaria targets. This year's report builds primarily on data received from countries for the year 2010. The report shows clear progress in the fight against malaria and a decline in estimated malaria cases and deaths. For the first time, the report contains individual profiles for 99 countries with ongoing malaria transmission.

Full report

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Press release

Revised estimates of cases and deaths, 2000-2010
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Fact sheet for journalists
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Q&A for journalists
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Forward by WHO Director-General

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Chapter 1: Introduction
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Chapter 2: Goals, targets, policies and strategies for malaria control and elimination
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Chapter 3: Financing malaria control
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Chapter 4: Vector Control
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Chapter 5: Preventive therapies for malaria
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Chapter 6: Diagnostic testing and treatment of malaria
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Chapter 7: Impact of malaria control
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Methods used for preparing country profiles but which also apply to other sections
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99 country profiles


Cover (high resolution, 2480x3507)
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Annex 1: Data completeness, 2010
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Annex: 2 Funding for malaria control, 2010
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WMR 2011 annex 2
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Annex: 3A Recommended policies and strategies for malaria control, 2010
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Annex: 3B Antimalarial drug policy, 2010
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Annex: 4 Operational coverage of insecticide treated nets, indoor residual spraying, 2008-2010 and antimalarial treatment, 2008-2010
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Annex: 5 Household surveys of mosquito nets ownership and usage, 2006-2010
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Annex: 6A Reported malaria cases and deaths
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Annex: 6B Malaria trends 1, 1990-2010
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Annex: 6C Malaria trends 2, 1990-2010
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Annex: 6D Reported malaria deaths, 1990-2010
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