Topics: Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response


Epidemic Alert and Verification (EAV)

The Epidemic Alert and Verification (EAV) Sub-Unit is to contribute to the development and maintenance of regional capacity to detect, verify and rapidly assess public health risks and to support Member States to develop national integrated early warning and epidemic preparedness and response systems that will be the foundation of the AFRO alert and response system for epidemics and other public health emergencies.

Strategic Health Operations Centre (SHOC)

The AFRO Strategic Health Operations Centre (SHOC) Sub-Unit is to facilitate and coordinate regional and national technical response and operational mechanisms, logistics and technical support to control significant public health events.

Laboratory and Containment (LAB)

To improve the capacity for the prompt confirmation of etiological agents of priority communicable diseases and monitoring antimicrobial and antiviral resistance in the Member States through a strong functional public health laboratory networks.

Logistics (LOG)

To provide operational assistance in the ongoing management of logistics required for epidemic and pandemic preparedness and response and for the rapid deployment of medical and laboratory supplies, transport, communications as well as the rapid deployment of outbreak response teams.

Epidemic Readiness and Intervention (ERI)

The Epidemic Readiness and Intervention (ERI) Sub-Unit is to contribute to the strengthened capacity of Member States to develop and implement national preparedness and response plans for pandemic- and epidemic-prone diseases and to improve regional capacity for the early detection, confirmation and response to pandemic- and epidemic-prone diseases and other public health emergencies of international concern (PHEIC).


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