The functions of the programme are:

  • To support Member States to strengthen their capacities for timely and effective epidemic preparedness and response in the context of the IHR, including laboratory capacities and early warning alert and response systems.
  • To support Member States to develop integrated approaches for readiness and response to major epidemic-prone diseases (e.g. cholera, meningitis, viral hemorrhagic fevers...etc).
  • To coordinate and support Member States for seasonal influenza and pandemic preparedness and response.
  • To strengthen biosafety, biosecurity and readiness for outbreaks of dangerous and emerging pathogens outbreaks (e.g. SARS, viral hemorrhagic fevers).
  • To maintain and further develop an effective regional system for coordinated response to public health events of international concern.
  • To coordinate and mobilize support/assistance for Member States for the detection, confirmation and response to epidemic-prone diseases and other public health emergencies of international concern.