Dengue outbreak in the United Republic of Tanzania (Situation as of 30 May 2014)


This is an update on the confirmed dengue fever outbreak notified to the World Health Organization by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH&SW) on 4 February 2014. As at 30 May 2014, the dengue fever outbreak has spread to seven (7) regions on the mainland and two (2) regions in Zanzibar. The geographical distribution of cases and deaths is as follows: mainland (1,017 confirmed cases out of a total of 2121 suspected cases including 4 deaths) and Zanzibar (1 confirmed case out of 8 suspected cases, and no deaths). Ninety-nine (99%) of the cases of the mainland were reported from the following three districts of Dar es Salaam: Kinondoni, Temeke, and Ilala. Of the four (4) deceased cases, 1 had presented with Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and 1 with multiple organ failure.

Dengue fever response

The Dengue Fever Response Task force established by the Ministry of Health continues to hold its regular meetings to review the current situation and propose additional preventive and control measures. The following measures are currently being implemented with support from WHO and partners: advocacy for resources to implement all activities described in the Dengue fever response plan; enhancement of surveillance; training of health care workers and laboratory staff on the management of Dengue cases and diagnostic, confirmation and monitoring of Dengue fever and integrated vector management. A second press statement on the dengue fever outbreak situation in the country was issued by the Government on 12 May 2014. WHO continues to provide guidance to the MoH&SW mainland and MOH Zanzibar through among others, deployment of experts in the areas of epidemiology/surveillance, vector control and provision of rapid diagnostic kits.

Based on the current information available for this event, WHO, does not recommend that any travel or trade restrictions be applied to the United Republic of Tanzania, both mainland and Zanzibar.


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