Dashboard - Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa (07 April 2014)


Situation update

A cumulative total of 151 clinically compatible cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) including 95 deaths had officially been reported from Guinea . 65 samples were tested of which 34 are tested positive for Ebola.  The date of onset of the most recent laboratory confirmed case is 3 April. 14 of the cases including 8 deaths are health workers of which 11 are laboratory confirmed cases.

21 clinical cases of EVD, including 10 deaths, have been reported from Liberia.  All 5 of the laboratory confirmed cases have died

2 probable cases of EVD were reported from Sierra Leone in one family who died in Guinea and their bodies repatriated to Sierra Leone.

4 patients suspected to have a viral haemorrhagic fever who presented for health care in Sibiribougou, Koulikoro Region of Mali. Two of the suspected cases had travelled from Guinea. 




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