Meningococcal diseases: situation in the African Region


A total of 6 634 cases and 646 deaths (CFR: 9.7%) were reported from 14 countries as at 11 March, 2012


Between January and 11 march 2012, a total of 6 634 meningitis cases and 646 deaths have been reported from 14 countries resulting in a CFR of 9.7% (Figure 1). Twenty districts from 9 countries experienced menin-gitis outbreaks during the period under review as indicated in the map.


The most prevailing pathogens identified in districts that have crossed the epidemic threshold were Neisseria meningitidis and Streptococcus pneu-moniae. Out of the 51 confirmed Neisseria meningitidis, the most frequent serogroup (germ) was Nm W135 (89%, n=254) as shown in Fig. 2


Fig. 2: Pathogens identified by PCR, LATEX, CULTURE (01 January - 11 March 2012)

Actions taken

In response to these outbreaks, WHO in collaboration with partners is supporting the Ministries of Health in enhancing surveillance, planning and conducting reactive vaccination campaigns and ensuring that appro-priate messages targeting the population are disseminated.


Fig 3: Geographic distribution of meningitis outbreaks (January—11 March 2012)

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