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Regional Publications:

Implementation of Option B for prevention of mother to child transmissionImplementation of Option B+ for prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV: The Malawi Experience (2.52 MB)


HIV-AIDS-Strategy-WHO-African-Region-en-smHIV/AIDS: Strategy for the WHO African Region



AIDS-Consolidated-ARV-Guidelines-2013-RC63-en-smicon WHO Consolidated Guidelines on the Use of Antiretroviral Drugs for Treating and Preventing HIV Infection (3.82 MB)
Recommendations for a Public Health approach - Implications for the African Region

[Français pdf: 3.85 MB]
[Português pdf: 3.84 MB]

AIDS-HIV-Progress-Towards-achieving-UA-in-Africa-Dec2013-smHIV in the WHO African Region: Progress towards achieving Universal Access to priority health sector interventions
2013 Update
AIDS-Progress-in-scaling-up-VMMC-Dec2013-smProgress in scaling up voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention in East and Southern Africa
January – December 2012

Consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection: recommendations for a public health approachConsolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection
Recommendations for a public health approach

The 2013 Consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection provide new guidance on the diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, the care of people living with HIV and the use of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection

global-hiv-aids-response-2011-en-2Global HIV/AIDS Response: Epidemic update and health sector progress towards Universal Access, Progress Report 2011
Towards-universal-access-2011-enHIV in the WHO African Region: Progress towards achieving universal access to priority health sector interventions, 2011 update

hiv-sw-tnPreventing HIV in sex work settings in sub-Saharan Africa

op-guide-test-couns-tnOperational guidelines on HIV testing and counselling of infants, children and adolescents for service providers in the African region
hiv-results-mess-tnDelivering HIV test results and messages for re-testing and counselling in adults
hiv-coun-test-tnHIV Testing and Counseling Services in the WHO African Region
A Survey of the East and Southern Africa Subregion
hivcapacity-tnHIV and AIDS Laboratory Capacity
Where are we?
Overview of laboratory capacity in Africa 2005-2007
priority-interventions-2010-enicon Priority interventions, HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care in the health sector - 2010 [1.41 MB]
towards-universal-access-enicon Towards universal access: Scaling up priority HIV/AIDS interventions in the health sector [3.03 MB]
Progress report 2010

who_preventing_hiv-aids_in_young_peopleicon Preventing HIV/AIDS in Young People [2.55 MB]
A systematic review of the evidence from developing countries
aids_declaration_hiv_prevention_effortsicon Declaration on Acceleration of HIV Prevention efforts in the African Region [149.66 kB]
aids_brazzaville_commitmenticon Brazzaville Commitment on Universal Access to HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support in Africa by 2010 [178.47 kB]

towards_ua_cover_20090927icon Towards Universal Access: Scaling up priority HIV/AIDS interventions in the health sector [2.47 MB]
icon Considerations on influenza A(H1N1) and HIV infection [60.38 kB]
report_who_unicef_on_psm_2008_eniicon Evaluation of ARV Procurement and Supply Management Systems in West and Central Africa [412.66 kB]
report_tap2_light6march07iicon Progress Report 2006: Regional HIV/AIDS Treatment Acceleration Project (TAP) in Burkina Faso, Ghana [934.37 kB]
consolidated_male_circumcisioniicon Consultation on Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention in the African Region [358.56 kB]
Brazzaville, Congo, 2-4 April 2008
tap-mainicon Completion report of Treatment Acceleration Project(TAP) 2005-2008 [743.9 kB]
- Treatment Acceleration Project (TAP)
- Burkina Faso
- Ghana
- Mozambique
icon HIV/AIDS Laboratory Capacity [847.03 kB]
An Assessment Report of the Capacity of Laboratories to Support HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Programmes in the WHO/AFRO Region.

icon Guidelines for Appropriate Evaluations of HIV Testing Technologies in Africa [175.4 kB]

icon Guidance Kit - Planning & Implementing HIV/AIDS & Tuberculosis Community & Home Based Care Activities [1.76 MB]

icon Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Infection in Adults and Adolescents: Recommendations for a public health [1.06 MB]

icon HIV Prevention in the African Region: A Strategy for Renewal and Acceleration [68.06 kB]
icon Male Circumcision WHO Recommendations [99.4 kB]
icon Strengthening district health sector responses to HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa [1.52 MB]
icon HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, Treatment and Support in Prison Settings [525.57 kB]
icon Male Circumcision: An Intervention for HIV Prevention in the WHO African Region [43.66 kB]