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The HIV/AIDS Programme contributes to the reduction of the HIV/AIDS burden in the WHO Africa Region through support to member states to adopt and implement cost effective prevention, treatment, care and support interventions.

HIV-AIDS-Strategy-WHO-African-Region-en-smHIV/AIDS Strategy for the WHO African Region
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A new WHO Global Health Sector Strategy (GHSS) on HIV/ AIDS was adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2011. This document, which is an update of the regional HIV/AIDS strategy, provides directions for implementing the GHSS in the WHO African Region, taking into account the key regional specificities.

The interventions proposed include scaling up prevention; eliminating new HIV infections in children; and expanding access to HIV testing and treatment.

It is expected that this strategy will contribute to eliminating new infections among children, reducing new infections among young people and reducing HIV-related deaths. Strengthening health systems and reducing co-morbidities such as TB/HIV will be crucial to achieving the targets set in the Regional Strategy.