Mid-Level Management Course for EPI Managers


The aim of MLM training is to enable immunisation managers at all levels to acquire skills in planning, management, monitoring and evaluation. It will also give them the knowledge to supervise and support immunisation operations such as service delivery, the cold chain and logistics, purchase and quality control of vaccines, communication in support of the programme.

The intermediate course also proposes a general framework for resolving problems encountered in EPI. Hence, the problem-solving approach is the basic teaching method used in all the modules of the intermediate course (a detailed description of problem solving is presented in Module 1: Problem Solving Approach to Immunisation Services and Management).

In more concrete terms, the MLM course proposes to develop managerial skills, particularly in the following areas:

  • communication and mobilisation in support of immunisation
  • development of multi-annual and annual plans
  • management of logistics, the cold chain and vaccines
  • organisation of National Immunisation Days (NIDs)
  • disease surveillance
  • monitoring, supervision and evaluation of immunisation services.



Block I: Introductory Modules

Module 0 Introduction

Module 1 A Problem-solving Approach to Immunisation Services Management

Module 2 The Role of the EPI Manager [WORD] [PDF]

Module 3 Communication for Immunisation Programmes [WORD] [PDF]

Block I: Modules introductifs

Module 0 Introduction

Module 1 Approche de résolution des problèmes pour la gestion des services de vaccination

Module 2 Rôle du gestionnaire du PEV

Module 3 Communication pour les programmes de vaccination [WORD] [PDF]

Block II: Planning/Organisation Modules

Module 4 Planning Immunisation Activities at National, Provincial and District Levels

Module 5 Increasing Immunisation Coverage

Bloc II : Planification/Organisation

Module 4 Planifier les activités de vaccination aux niveaux national, provincial et de district

Module 5 Augmenter la couverture vaccinale

Block III: Logistics

Module 8 EPI Cold Chain Management [WORD] [PDF]

Module 9 Vaccines Management

Module 10 Immunisation Safety

Bloc III : Logistique

Module 8 Gestion de la chaîne de froid

Module 9 Gestion des vaccins

Module 10 Sécurité de la vaccination
Block IV: New Vaccines

Module 15 New Vaccines Introduction [WORD] [PDF]

Bloc IV : Nouveaux vaccins

Module 15 Introduction de nouveaux vaccins

Block VII: Monitoring and Evaluation

Module 20 Monitoring Routine Immunisation and Data Management [WORD] [PDF]

Module 21 Supportive Supervision by EPI Managers [WORD] [PDF]

Module 23 Conducting Assessment of the Immunisation Programme

Bloc VII : Suivi et évaluation

Module 20 Suivi de la vaccination de routine et Gestion des données [WORD] [PDF]

Module 21 Supervision formative par les gestionnaires du PEV

Module 23 Evaluer le programme de vaccination

Block VIII: EPI Training Materials

Module 24 EPI Facilitator's Guide for Priority Mid-Level Management Modules [WORD] [PDF]

Bloc VIII : Matériels de formation

Module 24 Guide de l'animateur pour les modules prioritaires de formation en gestion des cadres du PEV [WORD] [PDF]