African Vaccination Week


Child receiving poilio vaccineThe regional vaccination week initiative provides an opportunity for countries to strengthen immunization services and systems through advocacy, education and communication tools and activities. A vaccination week initiative also provides an opportunity for countries to share experiences and lessons learned. Pooling resources and coordinating efforts creates synergy which benefits all stakeholders engaged in the region-wide initiative.

The goal is to strengthen immunization programmes in the African Region by drawing attention to and increasing awareness of the importance of every person's (particularly every child and woman) need and right to be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The objectives are to:

  • Increase stakeholder awareness of the value and benefit of immunization
  • Promote and maintain immunization as a priority for decision-makers
  • Advocate for and mobilizing human, financial and material resources for immunization
  • Increase demand and utilization of immunization services.
  • Improve access for high-risk populations and hard-to-reach areas in the Region.

The strategies that will be used include

  • Advocacy activities
  • Targeted Communication and social mobilization activities
  • Expansion of immunization services

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