Overview - African Health Observatory and Knowledge Management Unit


The African Health Observatory and Knowledge Management Unit supports Regional and country efforts at strengthening health systems through the African Health Observatory and a network of national health observatories. The main functions of the Unit are to:

  • Strengthen the evidence base to inform policies and strategies and to monitor health in the African Region, including progress towards the MDGs and other internationally agreed goals;
  • Support Member States in strengthening their capacity to improve the:
    • availability, quality and use of information;
    • sharing, translation and application of information;
    • use of information and communications technology for health;
  • Support the strengthening of WHO's capacity in knowledge acquisition, generation, sharing, dissemination and use, including web-related activities at the Regional Office.

The Unit coordinates the Regional Office’s efforts in supporting Member States implement the goals of strengthening national health information systems that have been adopted or endorsed by the following high level meetings and resolutions

Regional Declarations and Regional Committee (RC) Documents


Health observatories



Knowledge management, research and health information systems