Infodigest - Library awareness bulletin


About Infodigest

Infodigest serves as a liaison organ between the Library and its internal and external users. It appears monthly and contains abstracts of the journals recently acquired by the Library of the Regional Office, announcements, new acquisitions and new publications. WHO staff have access to several full texts through Science Direct provided by GIFT (Global Information Full Text).

Non-WHO healthworkers, researchers and institutions can also have access to scientific articles for free or at a low cost by subscribing to HINARI.

Infodigest issues:

Featured Publications

Atlas of Health Statistics of the African Region 2011
[pdf 2.9Mb]



rds-report-2010-2011-en-tnThe Work of WHO in the African Region 2010 - 2011
Biennial Report of the Regional Director
[pdf 1.91Mb]


hsa-cpp-june2012-tnHealth Systems in Africa: Community Perceptions and Perspectives
The Report of a Multi-Country Study



Achieving Sustainable Health Development in the African Region
Strategic Directions for WHO 2010–2015
[pdf 1.1Mb]